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Home research and internationalisation


The range of disciplines relating to the Department has a significant impact on the level of research. Below is a short list of topics, which proves the wealth of themes and approaches.

Law, history, institutions and public administration: administration, e-government, innovation in public administration; public powers in the XXI century; itineraries of contemporary public law; information law, the right to information, the right of the Internet; labour rights and social security, gender differences and fundamental rights; global justice and human rights; international and European Union law, historical roots of contemporary political processes.

Society, politics, economy and models of development: economic policies and new social dynamics; history and transformation of political systems and political cultures; new models of development, inequality and social justice; migration and social cohesion; global economic poverty and global justice; environmental sustainability and food security; evaluation of training and research; political and legal theory.

Communication, media and intercultural competence: sociology of communication, analysis of cultural processes and media education; public and social communication; politics communication; business communication, marketing and consumer behaviour; lifelong language policies, mobility and intercultural communication; writings, literary communication, new languages, multilingualism and translation, linguistic and cultural mediation.

International relations, internationalisation and globalisation:
social-political-ideal-religious conflict; geopolitics, globalisation and new territorial problems; processes of internationalisation and business support; history and institutions of Africa.