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Premi e riconoscimenti

Prof. Benedetta Giovanola

// Vincitrice dell’Helen Potter Award 2005, conferito annualmente (dal 10975) dall’ASE (Association for Social Econimics) all’autore del miglior articolo pubblicato nella Review of Social Economy - 2005.

// Membro invitato dell’International Program Committee (unica italiana) dell’International Conference on “Leadership and Management in a Changing World: Lessons from Ancient East and West Philosophy”, organizzato dalla Athens University of Economics and Business (Grecia) e dalla University of International Business and Economics di Pechino (Cina) 2011.


Prof. David Nelken

// American Sociological Association (Criminology section) ‘Distinguished Scholar‘ award (for the best book published in the previous five years) 1985.

// American Criminological Society-  'Sellin Glueck' prize  for international scholarship ( Previous winners include Sir Leon Radzinowicz and Sir Tony Bottoms, both past Directors of the Cambridge Institute of Criminology)  2009.

// Appointed Academician of the UK Academy of Social Sciences (nominated by the UK Society of Legal Scholars),  2009.

// The International Sociological Association (RCSL), Biannual, Senior ‘Podgorecki’ prize (previous winners include Professor Richard Abel of UCLA Law Department and Professor Boaventura De Sousa Santos of Coimbra University, Portugal)  2011.

// (USA) Law and Society Association -‘International scholarship award’ (Past winners include Professor David Garland of NYU, Dame Hazel Genn of UCL, and, last year, Professor Upendra Baxi, Professor of Law, Warwick and former Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University)  2013.

// LLD ( recognition of authority in the field) on the basis of my publications from Cambridge University. 2013.