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CONFERENCE. Biomedical ethics, public policy and individual choice: comparing Europe and China

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dalle 09:00 alle 18:00


Aula Magna Ateneoa / piaggia dell'Università 2 / Macerata

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+39 0733 2582777

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conference program: click here

convegno giovanola 11mag2016

conference program: click here

9.00: Welcome speeches:
  • LUIGI LACCHÈ / Rector of the University of Macerata
  • FRANCESCO ADORNATO / Dean of the Department of Political Sciences, Communication and International Relations
  • ERMANNO CALZOLAIO / Dean of the Department of Law
  • GIORGIO TRENTIN / Director of the Confucius Institute
  • ANGELO VENTRONE / Director of the G. Leopardi School of Advanced Studies


Chair and Introduction: BENEDETTA GIOVANOLA / University of Macerata


  • ZHAI XIAOMEI / Beijing, China / Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Peking Union Medical College & Executive Director, Center for Bioethics, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College

The Concept of Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Comparison with Modern Western Medicine

  • MONICA TORALDO DI FRANCIA / Member of Italian National Bioethics Committee / Vice President of Tuscany Ethical Committee for Paediatrics, and Stanford University / Breyer Center for Overseas Studiesin Florence

The Role of Italian National Bioethics Committee: a Focus on the Most Pressing Ethical Issues

  • ERIK LONGO, University of Macerata

Legal Implications of Clinical Ethics Committees: The European Experience

  • SERGIO FILIPPO MAGNI / University of Pavia

Public Bioethics and Moral Disagreements

12.00 - 13.00: Discussion


Chair: FRANCESCA SPIGARELLI / University of Macerata

  • ROSI BRAIDOTTI / Utrecht University
The Post-human Challenge to Biomedical Ethics: from Public Policy to Multi-layered Negotiations
  • BENEDETTA BARBISAN / University of Macerata
Individual Choice and Public Responsibility in Biomedical Ethics

  • INES CORTI / University of Macerata

The Role of Individual Choice and Personal Autonomy: Ethical and Legal Issues Underlying Artificial Reproduction in Europe

  • WU JING / Director, Ethics Review Committee, Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China

The Research and Practice of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: a Focus on Infertility Treatment and its Underlying Ethical and Legal Issues

17.00 - 18.00: Discussion


Attendance at the conference attributes ECTS
  • 3 ECTS to Ph.D students of all courses
  • 2 ECTS to SPOCRI students (L-36, LM-52, LM-62 and L-20, LM-19) and Law students (LMG-01)
  • 1 ECT to Philosophy students (L-5 and LM-78)
  • ECTS to Language Mediation students(L-12 and LM-38)